Some ‘what ifs’ of Peer Mediation…?

The answers to the ‘what ifs’ listed below and many others, are covered in the Peer Mediation Training. 

What if…

  • someone starts crying.
  • the disputants get violent.
  • the disputants break the rules.
  • the disputants give the mediator abuse.
  • the same disputants comes all the time.
  • the disputants do not want to agree.
  • the mediation gets interrupted.
  • one of the disputants walk out.
  • the mediators forget what to say.
  • one person does not want to come to mediation but the other one does.
  • no one comes to mediation.
  • your best friends come?
  • more than two people are involved in the conflict.
  • there are problems outside the scope of mediation?
    • Fights, any serious physical violence
    • Persistent bullying
    • Serious breach of school/organisational rules
    • Dispute involving outside parties
    • Family issues/issues at home

Peer mediators may need supporting adults to be around for peer mediation to help deal with some these situations and to give a sense of gravity to peer mediation.