My Style

Every mediator has a different approach. 

With nearly 3 decades of conflict resolution and management, my style is facilitative, evaluative, pragmatic, no nonsense and focused. 

My aim as your mediator is to assist you in any way I can to mediate your dispute and bring it to a resolution that you can live with. I am not your judge, decision maker or counsellor. It is not for me to decide who is right, wrong or what your legal position is. 

Confidentiality is vitally important, everything that is discussed between us will be held in the strictest confidence, unless you give me your permission to disclose it.

My interest is in your interests and needs of the dispute, not your issues, wants or perceived rights. 

I will facilitate your mediation, keep it on track, encourage and promote constructive communication, give the parties balance, seek to find common ground and practical solutions. To help clarify my understanding of your dispute and explore different options for settlement, you should expect direct questioning and be prepared for reality testing. 

By using my skills and experience, I will explore any entrenched or deadlock positions, empowering the parties to communicate where their real interests lay which ultimately, may help to achieve a resolution to their dispute.