3 Key questions

Our Process

How will mediation benefit me?

Through mediation, you have full control of your dispute. You are the decision makers, Through the mediation process, the communication flow is improved between parties. The cost of mediation is a fraction of the costly, painful and destructive process of litigation. Mediation costs are fixed and known upfront.

It allows you the opportunity to get results without fighting the matter out in court. You may achieve early settlement bringing an end to the stress and anxiety of it all.

The process is completely private and confidential.

Will it work for me?

Mediation is a structured process that is designed to be an effective solution. In most cases, an agreement will be reached. The more you engage into the spirit of the mediation in time and effort, the better planned you are for the mediation, the more you’ll get from it.

You have a voice, you get to use it and you get to say what you feel you need to say.

Why should I choose you?

You will find me empathic; a willing, accepting and understanding ear, respectful; non-judgemental, warm and friendly as well as genuine; interested, authentic and realistic.

It’s good to talk, so I will actively listen to what you have to say, “

I will facilitate your mediation, keep it on track, keep communication flowing and give balance between you, the parties. I will seek to find common ground and look to break down any entrenched positions or deadlock.