Key Questions

How will mediation benefit me?

  • Through the mediation process, you will own and, have full control of your dispute. 
  • You, the parties, are the decision makers.
  • You have a voice; you get to say what you feel you need to say…you get to be heard!
  • You have the opportunity to get results without fighting the matter out in court 
  • You have the opportunity to bring an end to all the stress and anxiety of the conflict.
  • The process can help reconcile, maintain a relationship or a commercial alliance, not drive a wedge between you.

What does it cost?

  • The cost is a fraction of the exorbitant, often painful, and destructive process of litigation. 
  • The cost of the mediation is fixed and known upfront.
  • Fees are straightforward, transparent, without small print and in proportion to the value of the claim, not the value of the settlement.
  • In general terms, all parties buy into the process, fees and expenses are shared equally

Will it work for me?

  • Mediation is a structured process that is an effective solution to resolve disputes.
  • You should be completely serious about settling your dispute and be of the mindset that a resolution can and will be reached.
  • The better planned you are for the mediation, the more you engage into the spirit of the mediation in time and effort, the more you will get from it. 
  • It is not a win or lose situation. 
  • It is a tried and proven process to resolving disputes that has shown to work 85% of the time!