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…the mediation and dispute resolution professional who offers a successful alternative to litigation, and is interested in your interests of your dispute

Watch the video below to find out how a chance conversation late one evening with the night porter of a hotel in Glencoe lead to my discovery of the ‘Isle of Discussion’ and the ‘Isle of Covenant’ and, how Highland Clans used them in the 1800s to resolve their conflicts and disputes and, just how significant they were to become in my life.

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"I am fully committed to assisting the parties in reaching a cost-effective, confidential and acceptable agreement in every mediation I am involved with and bringing an end to their dispute"


The Mediation Process

Throughout the mediation process, you are the decision makers, you own and have control of your dispute

The Day Of Mediation

Your mediation day, like your dispute, is unique to you, the parties



Creates an opportunity for the parties to be part of the resolution

Peer Mediation

Helps to develop important life and vital social skills for children